Camp Pinewood 2 – 0.1 Patreon Release

Links to download are available on our patreon: patreon.com/vaultman

Hello everyone! Firstly, we want to thank you for your support and patience!

The development of CP took us longer than planned.

We planned to release the game in July, but something went wrong.


Why even release a second game when the first isn’t finished?

Many mistakes were made in the development of Camp Pinewood 1. For example, several engine changes and art style. This was done to expand the possibilities of the game. We thought it was a good idea, but now we understand that we were wrong. Plus, we had little development experience.

As a result, there were so many problems with the technical part (takes too much time), which affected the quality of the art.

Since there were many ideas for the development of the project, we could not stay longer in the shaky structure, which we ourselves built.


We decided to restart the whole project and make it right. We knew that maybe not everyone would like the idea of ​​abandoning the old project, but we felt that it was impossible to do otherwise. A sequel and a reboot in one is what we need.

Work began in early 2019 and was carried out in parallel with the first project.

As a result, the project was ready for the dev version release in July-August. After the release, we listened to feedback and again realized that we were going the wrong way, and before it was too late we decided to fix everything. It’s all about style and gameplay. We tried to do something new, but we forgot that people love the characters for their original designs(what a surprise). It took us several months to redraw almost all the characters.

Plus we made the decision to change the gameplay system. We had to come up with a new system, and we really love it.


Camp Pinewood 2 – 0.1 is the base for the next game. The next version will have more characters (Raven and more), and sex scenes. There will be a lot of content for sure, and very soon.


Due to our bad decisions, we have lost many subscribers. We understand that this is entirely our fault.

What we can do is promise that we will try our best and listen to the community.

We really want to celebrate the release of the official first version of the game, but we still have a lot of work to do. Fix bugs and start working on version 0.2.

And we wish you good luck and happy holidays! 🙂

-VaultPlay DevTeam